Wednesday, September 14, 2011

south actress hot

It is well known Indian actress popular south Yamuna in all languages​​, but it is largely famous actress Telugu. Yamuna is currently a hot topic in the film industry as it had caught red-handed in the sex racket in Bangalore. Yamuna and CEO of software company, and Venugopal and the arrest of another person by the police team Bangalore.
Yamuna and revealed many of the dark secrets of others actress who work side by side with them in such rackets, says the buzz. Was placed on the arrest of several such Yamuna in the soup and there are things moving quickly behind the screen to avoid damage. It is believed to be involved, even political power in this matter.
It maintained a clean image of these days, and was considered one of the Yamuna Best Actress South Indian unity. Left the Telugu audience, especially in deep shock to see the dark side of this actress.

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