Friday, September 30, 2011

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Bollywood actresses without clothes is not a shock anymore, even teenagers. The skin appears, unfortunately, the box-office formula to attract the viewers of the film. Films with Bollywood actresses without clothes, give out wrong messages to each one. Men believe that women go easy when wearing revealing clothes. Also the case with Bollywood actresses without clothes, I think that the men, they can get away with bad behavior with actresses like that. One example of such an incident is the Richard Gere kissing Shilpa Shetty.
Videos from the old days, and offered to Indian culture and values, as perceived by foreigners. Now, with a new class of Bollywood actresses without clothes, assume that foreigners have become westernized and modern. Richard Gere and showed a glimpse of his culture when he planted a kiss, but the anger event attracted so overwhelmed were present. When the foreigners on the assumption that Indian culture is the same as shown in the movies, Bollywood actresses without clothes factory certainly wrong ideas for all Indian women and culture as a whole. Not only for foreigners, the young Indian also get the wrong messages and concepts about Bollywood actresses without clothes.
Even today, young people, and have no issues accepting films that show Bollywood actresses without clothes. Worrying thing is, is to encourage the dangerous trend in young men and women around the nudity. They say they are being open about nudity, or modernity, and this does not change anything. Men with a violent streak, offensive or feast on movies that usually feature Bollywood actresses without clothes. The worst part is that, and films also show the sexual harassment of women, and this is part of the harassment that select feature Bollywood actresses without clothes, is what attracts men to watch movies like that. There are dozens of nude models who are going to take pictures, Bollywood actresses, but following leads in some way seems the same obscene and large effects due to the popularity of the film community and the public gets.

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