Thursday, September 8, 2011

hot girl thread

In the line of the road coming from behind Mama Mabel Carter, by Dolly Parton and the likes of Williams and Sindh, the country was always a soft spot for cheeky wimmin. It's still like these days it seems that it comes from such before. Just ask Taylor Swift.Or sisters McKillip, known as one country for a girl to do. They are barely a teenager, but can relate tales of joy repel the challenges of the managers and record label people, and to step up in defense of their music.
BC speaks of their own home, and the pair work side by side, characteristic pattern of a team, and finishing each other sentences, and deal with the topic of conversation at will. So that all responses in quotations is one of the girls about a girl as one unit.
"Essentially, it is the brand name so that you have to take responsibility for every part of your career. This is treated in all parts of the world's first (with Interscope), but we had a great experience with labels before.
"We have a product to my father and my mother's country music songwriter, so grew up in the industry, and I saw how things work."This is about, and the professional side, but turn out to children when talk turns to the signing of Interscope secret.
He added: "We have known him for six months, but legally we can not say anything. One of the agony, and we go off to just talk about this interesting thing significant in our lives. It's only in the last few weeks that this has become public knowledge and that's a great feeling" .
Part of the charm of the husband in the deal rests with Interscope contact Lady Gaga. They are huge fans and attracted the attention of Interscope A & R executive Vince Herbert, who signed the minutes of Lady Gaga has Steamline, a joint venture with Interscope.
Obtained in Los Angeles to audition for the label, the better for the spooky girls when they were told they would be on the piano playing is the same one Lady Gaga played while auditioning for a record deal.
"This is a big moment for us and we like the fans Gaga. I think it's a real talent. It's a play but they can sing with just piano and rock the room. In addition, it stands for something."
For the first time, one girl in 2009 with the album Big Sky. Since they were 14 and 16 years old when he began work, in and out with suitable material was a challenge, because there is not, and that many of the tunes appropriate for the young performers to express convincingly.
However, the release of the album to them on the map of the country. And saw one girl for the success of the radio with one bittersweet "when it is not raining" hit # 1 spot on CMT. Their fourth single "Tumblin" tears "Go to the top of the charts in January 2010 and became one of the most important and added in Canada in all forms. In 2010 and signed one more girl home the prestigious Music Radio-Canada Award" the best artist new country ". BCCMA Awards for 'Single of the Year', 'group or duo', 'Album of the Year "and" Entertainer of the Year "along with" Product of the Year "for Tom.However, the ice was very urethrae their share of the pie the Canadian Country Music Award "Rising Star".
"We were still young, poets, and we had only one fit the song of the album first. We did not have much to write about."This time, it will be different, and women say, as they have now is the time to gather some experience of life. "
"I put the bulk of the new songs, both of things in our lives or the lives of our friends. We played around a lot, they had more diverse experiences, both in personal, business, and that now we have some things to say."
These rising stars are clearly on the verge of big things, with the pieces and not only but also the business savvy to achieve this. It seems with all the rules and covers a strong support network, and there are bumps on the highway for almost any big time, right?
With the exception of the heaviest of the cards, one can ignite tamest of hearts, and we are talking of love, romance, and many splendoured, many split the savior of souls and shattered lives.
They are young, they're stars, they're looking hot, you know that these things factor in one way or another, it is not surprising that women have a tight hold on something by keeping the friendship simply at home.
"We're both dating men in the band (Laughter mutual lot here) and it is working well so we call ourselves the Fantastic Four. It helps that we were all alike, through good times and bad and as you get to know a lot about a person when you go through the levels together.

"The summer was great we played one or two vehicles at the end of each week. Love the festive season, and when we play a lot. We are young, and we would like to have fun, and we believe that continuing on stage. Said, we're not afraid of controversy, not afraid to speak our minds and ready to defend what we believe. "

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