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In "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," and Henson, 38, 45, plays his mother's house, which, given the film an unusual plot, and not that strange as it sounds.
Still, Henson said, and that was when she dreamed about working with men in People magazine attractive two-time alive, is not exactly what was in the account. "Be careful what you ask for," she jokes. "Be very specific, because God has a sense of humor."
House to do so. During the making of the film, he rarely saw Henson out of character. As Coyne, the operator in the homes of old people "in the Depression era in New Orleans, and the natural sex appeal Henson shrink with aging make-up and her curves hidden under clothing province.
"The other day, and Brad saw me all glammed up, about to do an interview," Henson recalls. "He looked at me and went" Wow, my mom is hot! I am one hot mama. "
With or without the support of a home, Henson on a roll. "Benjamin Button" director David Fincher recalls the discovery of Henson as a prostitute with a heart of gold in the "hustle and flow" and being impressed by what has been able to do with this role.
"(I) taken with the mothers alive and how she was" Fincher says. "I found all the warmth, and all aspects of non-judgmental Coyne, and Esperance."
Based on a short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald, "Benjamin Button" (which opens Friday) is a project that's been kicking around Hollywood for nearly four decades.
No wonder the story of a man born in his eighties and ages backwards He can be converted to a movie. Progress in the x computer / and solid script by "Forrest Gump" script from Eric Roth's conviction House - producer Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall - that the time has come for the film.
Thanks to computer imaging techniques, and was able to play house of Benjamin 80-18. Throughout the film, it interacts with the tugboat captain (Jared Harris), and British social (Tilda Swinton) and ballet dancer (Cate Blanchett).
Henson was a challenge to work against nature, which has not always been there. Such as Conan in the "Lord of the Rings" movies, and embodiment in early, bald and grizzled, Benjamin arthritis, paralysis, after the production.
Although the house fire many of the scenes against his green screen, Henson says he came to the group regularly to help the rest of the team members work closely with the fluctuations of their own. "Brad will be ground up in the corner, and feeding me lines," he remembers. "I said to him: You do not have to do it." But he will not hear about it. He wanted to be there. "
While Benjamin is growing younger, Coyne, like any other person in the film, and advanced age. To find the inspiration for the actress changes her personality hidden during the family reunion was attended by her grandmother, her mother and four aunts.
"I was not all ages have to play in this film, and I'm still 19" raised Henson. "But in this family gathering, there are women of all age groups that I had to shoot. So, I sat back and watched, with special attention to my grandmother."
The death of his father's beloved recently Henson also reported how she played Queenie, a woman well acquainted with cruel twists of fate.
"I am a trained actress, I would like to think that I have always played Queenie, but the loss of my father allowed me to reach a deeper level," she says. "We have also found that doing this film was therapeutic for me. I have more respect for life now.
"Coyne says" Live your life. You never know what will come to you. "I certainly do not believe that Curveball coming at me, for my father."
It was Henson's father, Boris, who was working as a janitor and metal fabricator, an important figure in her life. (Bernice mother toiled as director in the capital and the famous Woodward and Lothrop store shopping).
After turned down for a hole in the work program in the Duke Ellington School of the Arts, Esperance decided to give up work for a more traditional practice of the profession. She majored in electrical engineering at North Carolina A & T before moving to Howard University. After graduation, she worked as a secretary at the Pentagon.
My father, who said her daughter not to neglect her dream. Finally, in 1996, with only $ 700 in her pocket, she made her son Marcel, now 13, and a big step to Los Angeles.
A few years later a regular gig on "The Division" for life and their roles in the films "Baby Boy" and "Hair Show" and gave Craig Brewer, "Hustle and Flow," Henson career boost rockets.

"It was such a labor of love," she says of the flick. "We all paid about $ 5, but after that the doors I could never through the suddenly open for me."
Henson was in the midst of promoting the film when I got the news that her father was sick with cancer. She rushed to his side, and was with him when he died.
Two weeks later, she and the rapper the implementation of the Three 6 Mafia film song entitled "It's hard out here for a Pimp" at the Oscars. "I would like to think that my father was the best seat in the house," she says.
Henson three projects of high-level set for 2009: "hurricane season" with Forest Whitaker, "is not easily broken" with Chestnut Morris, and "the fallen one-time" with Ed Harris, as well as possible at the Kodak Theatre on the night of the Oscars.
Has singled out the buzz prior "Benjamin Button" out for praise, and making her victory in the signal for the best supporting actress. "It's fun," says Henson. "But I would like to keep my feet on solid ground. I do not count my chickens before they hatched. You never know what will happen, but I will say this: I am honored that my name being bounced around with the Oscar for"


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