Friday, September 23, 2011

aishwarya hot pics

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has returned the amount of symbolic sign that it has been taken to the heroine Madhur Bhandarkar has sent a legal notice to the producers not to use any material from the filming done for forever on any platform. And upset,
In the words of a spokesman for the actor, and carried out part of some recent media stories about Aishwarya being upset because Kareena (Kapoor) has stepped up to the film after Aishwarya backed out. When become backed out! We would like to register for the last time that was given appointments for my clients as schedule. but put producers and director for a cease-fire, and leave the situation was "not clear" and "vague for a period of time about whether the movie .stalled", to postpone the resumption of" or "closed." Nothing could be further from the truth because as everyone knows what, it was removed because of the implicit bias after learning her pregnancy. Spokesman insists that should be ignored as these rumors and not a right to speak on behalf of Aishwarya about the reaction to her: "We have put an end to this chapter, we would like to request the media not to withdraw the name of my client in this regard in the future.

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